Commitment. Experience.
Excellent Service. Clear Communication.

RIPAC is a comprehensive management company specializing in the needs of condominium trusts and owners. For more than 15 years RIPAC has been successful in minimizing owner responsibility and enhancing the investment value of their property.

Although property management will never be problem free, our experience shows that we can achieve satisfaction through outstanding service, accountability, control, communication and superior personnel.

our services

RIPAC provides all of its property and financial services with the assistance of a technologically advanced, fully staffed office, 24 hours emergency telephone service and well organized command of operations for every property need and request.

We  currently provide property management services for over 60 properties throughout Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.

The properties managed by RIPAC range from complexes with less than ten units to some with over one hundred and ninety eight units. The attention and performance by the property managers remains constant despite the size of the property.

These residential and commercial properties are located throughout city, suburban and rural settings. The management packages designed and implemented directly compliment the natural surroundings and situations presented by the geographical location of each property.

We identify your needs and implement solutions in advance, so you won't have to deal with potential problems.

our staff

Everyone at RIPAC is dedicated to delivering quality service to our Associations and Owners, all of whom share our standards of excellence.

Employees at all levels make or break a service company. We constantly inspect and make sure our personnel is up to the assigned task and completely satisfies the standards of our client's needs. Each property management plan is assigned a dedicated property manager.

Each member of the RIPAC TEAM, from maintenance specialists to Executive Management, understands that he or she is personally accountable to Associations and Owners.

John P Morgan President
Cynthia Cooper Office Manager
Tom Pyne Property Manager
Joan Carolan Property Manager
Diane Dorval Property Manager
Nancy Falcone Property Manager
Nancy Toupin Accounts Payable

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